I Survived Steamboat!

I lost a couple of tires along the way ;) but survived Steamboat’s 4-mile race!  My first race this year (Strides for Justice 5k) was pretty small, they had a record number of runneSteamboat2009rs, with 43 finishing.  Steamboat, too, had a record number registered – 4,100! The difference in start lines was black and white; it seemed to take at least 30 seconds just to cross the start line today! (Edit: it actually took :42.)  People seeding themselves at the 8:00/mile maker were still running ~11:00/mile  after things thinned out…  It was really humid, and as soon as the sun came out it got hot.  But those were the only negatives.  Some people were really nice and had sprinklers out for the runners.  They had music bumping at the last water station, about 2/3 mile from the finish, and again about 1/3 mile from the end – the music helped so much!  The last 1/4 mile was all downhill, and if it weren’t I probalby would have walked, LOL!  As it were, the hill pulled me down to the finish line.  It was defintely a good effort today, and definitely a good time! :) Yay for my longest race!


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