Merry Christmas!

How is your family, fun, and food going?

Last night I went to Christmas for my side of the family.  Mom is still recovering from her trip to the hospital from earlier this year, so we played it low-key with the food fixin’s this year.   I brought some chili, sis brought sandwich stuff including the 1 Point Arnold Sandwich Rounds, Mom made oyster stew.  I’m excited about these sandwich rounds – instead of 2-3 points per slice of bread, the whole bun is 1 point!  I digress…  The food was good and I don’t think anyone really overindulged like what we usually do with the turkey and tons of sides.  It was really nice.

We’re relaxing here at home after helping the Toddler open all of his presents. :)  Christmas is really sweet through the eyes of a child.

Merry Christmas!


What’s a Magic Mile?

As I’m reading more about running, I came across this really interesting concept from McMillian running.  (Turns out other trainers use similar tables, Jeff Galloway calls it the Magic Mile.)  If you take your race time, or if you race a mile, that time and distance can be used to figure out how you would run at another distance.  (Of course, the bigger the difference the more skewed the prediction.)  Even more, you can use the result to figure out how fast you should be working out to get the most out of your workout, to improve your fitness.

The data geek in me loves this.

Since I’ve been pretty inconsistent lately with working out, I don’t know how fast I should be pushing, or rather, what I should be dreaming about when distracted at work. ;)  (I still need to beat Eric’s 22 minute 5k, which I’m sure I can do.)  So last night, I went to the gym, set to run a Magic Mile.  I guess part of me needs a line in the sand to compete against myself. 

I got to the gym and found the indoor track was 10 laps to the mile.  10 laps?  20 turns seemed like it would be awfully hard on the legs, so I ended up on a treadmill.  I didn’t want the treadmill to pace me, but it seemed the bette alternative.  The treadmill and my Nike+ read two different distances, so I’m guessing at my Magic Mile time.  But it’s a close guess, and it gives me a place to start.  \cheer!

I’m not making the 22:00 5k time, but with a little direction in my training, I might be able to hit it by May.  Maybe.