A few changes happening

After a too-long hiatus, I’ve decided to resurrect BecsBits.  There’s going to be some dust as remodeling comes about, but I’m looking forward to the changes:

A new name – As soon as I can find where Word Press will let me, the URL is moving, and the title (accordingly) changing. This is to reflect:

A narrower focus – rather than trying to cover dieting, cooking, family, quilting, food, and running, the focus is going to be running.  A good number of my previous posts have been toward that topic anyway so I feel the shift isn’t too big.  I’m looking toward BecsKix (as that ties my Runner’s World Online Forum ID in) but am not exactly sure.

My second running life began Fall of 2008 (I’d have to dig up a log to find a date), and this blog in 2009.  2010 was an awesome year as I was able to focus my training better, and 2011 is sure to be a roller-coaster as we are expecting a daughter in June.  I’m laying plans for 2011 and 2012, and with any luck my first marathon will be Fall of 2012.

Until I’m back on the roads and trails, I’m planning on posting what I’m learning about training, cycles, nutrition (can’t leave food totally out of the picture!) and how all that is shaping my plans for training this year, next, and beyond.  It’s sure to be an adventure!


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