Food Website Link Love

I’ve got to spread some link love, here…

DH had some surgury done this month, making it a tight month for the grocery budget.  I’ve been learning some new tricks from Erin at $5 Dinners.  She feeds her family of four (DH, and two boys 4 and 2) for under $5 a night.  Crazy!  It’s made me a lot more aware of how much I’m spending per meal.  She has the cool tip of writing the price she paid for items, on their boxes – not a new idea for us WW’ers who write the Points “price” of food on the box.  When I did that with WW, it made it a whole lot easier to learn values, and I look forward to becoming more aware of costs as well.

I’ve also been spending some time over at A Year of Slow Cooking. It’s a blog written by Stephanie, who in 2008 made the resolution to slow cook for a year and blog about it.  One distinct catch – her youngest is celiac, so everything is gluten free, and has notes to make milk-free as well.  It has reinspired me to cook better and more often for my family with my slow cooker.  It is such a lovely thought to be driving home from work and have a hot lovely meal waiting!  Although her challenge is over, she’s got some great information about slow cooking that I haven’t bumped into elsewhere.

One last link, to the heavyweight of my online recipes: All Recipes.  I absolutely love that they allow ratings and comments on the recipes.  I have yet to cook a 4- or 5-star recipe that my family didn’t like.  I also like the free online recipe box, it makes it easy to dig up old favorites instead of printing or re-searching.  If I’m hungry for something, this is my first line of searching.  I’ll read the reviews for tips to figure if/how to tweak the recipe, and so far it’s been great!

Good luck in the kitchen!