Menu Plan Monday

To join in the Menu Plan Monday crowd (always a great idea for cooking after a long day of work and watching what you eat!)

In no particular order:

o Black beans and rice, double batch for leftovers

o Tacos, spanish rice, corn (we actually had this tonight, Monday)

o Talapia Parmeseana with some green frozen veggie and cheesy bread

o Burgers, fries, baked beans

o Spaghetti and meat balls, salad


Crazy Week!

I haven’t posted in a while – it’s been a crazy week!  We’ve got a customer at work that isn’t satisfied that our product performs, so I’ve been seeing some lo-o-o-ng days trying to hopefully get them happy.  It’s frustrating because they’re basically not following the user manual that comes with the product and then aren’t happy with the performance.  Sigh!

I was able to squeeze a run in on Tuesday, just putzin’ along trying to build some base.  My last run previous to that was another 6 days before that… yikes, I need to move more! I’ve been intending to switch to morning runs, but I’ve been too short on sleep to convince myself to get out of bed earlier when the alarm goes off.  I’ve been using the Nike+ running system and signing up for challenges has been motivating!tball

My eating has been off track, too, with all the stress that’s been at work… so I haven’t been logging.  I know better, too, that being accountable isn’t as painful as I think it is, and it gives me a chance to balance a bad day or two with the rest of the week… whether it’s better food choices or moving more.

On a higher note… my day at work last Saturday turned into a comp day today, so I got the privilege of playing t-ball outside with my toddler today, helping him dunk animal crackers in milk, and getting lots of hugs.  What a sweetheart!  We tried to get a haircut, but he couldn’t sit still long enough to get the first snip in.  E is 18 months old, and all boy. :)  The evening finished up playing with the neighbor’s kids (5 yrs and 18 mos) in the sprinkler.  Summer is here, yay!

Food Log

Wanted to get a quick post up before heading to bed.  I’ve been needing to track my food better – I’m up a little bit from when I hit WW Lifetime in March.  It’s not a whole lot (roughly 5lbs), but I really need to nip it in the bud.  The hard part, I”m discovering, is that I try to use my exercise as an excuse to indulge a little. :)  Sort of like taking one step forward and two back!  So to help with accountability, I’m going to log my food better.


6   1c yogurt w plain oatmeal mixed in (I’m weird sometimes)

3  snack of banana and cheese stick

3   1 can Progresso “0 point” soup (if you eat the whole can it’s 3)

1  ate the other cheese stick in my lunch box

2 capri sun with the toddler

6  frozen ravioli w spaghetti sauce

2  (guessing) watermelon for dessert

3 1 square of devil’s food cake – fresh from oven, yum!

26 pts

I feel like I’m forgetting something… I’ll have to double check tomorrow.  For now, good night! :)


I Survived Steamboat!

I lost a couple of tires along the way ;) but survived Steamboat’s 4-mile race!  My first race this year (Strides for Justice 5k) was pretty small, they had a record number of runneSteamboat2009rs, with 43 finishing.  Steamboat, too, had a record number registered – 4,100! The difference in start lines was black and white; it seemed to take at least 30 seconds just to cross the start line today! (Edit: it actually took :42.)  People seeding themselves at the 8:00/mile maker were still running ~11:00/mile  after things thinned out…  It was really humid, and as soon as the sun came out it got hot.  But those were the only negatives.  Some people were really nice and had sprinklers out for the runners.  They had music bumping at the last water station, about 2/3 mile from the finish, and again about 1/3 mile from the end – the music helped so much!  The last 1/4 mile was all downhill, and if it weren’t I probalby would have walked, LOL!  As it were, the hill pulled me down to the finish line.  It was defintely a good effort today, and definitely a good time! :) Yay for my longest race!

Trying the Jogging Stroller

image of jogging stroller

The Toddler (18mos) and I tried out the jogging stroller again today.  We tried about a year ago, but he really wasn’t into rides, and the sun got to be too much, so it just wasn’t happening.  Enter Grandma A’s visit a couple of weekends ago.  She and E had a great time taking walks in the (regular) stroller, and E now often asks for walks when DH and E get home from their day.  A couple of weekends ago I aired up the tires in the jogger, and opened it up.  Now walks involve two trips around the block: one with the stroller, and a second with the jogger. :)

Today DH wanted to go to the gym after work, and E wanted to go for a ride.  I was itching for a jog (it’s been a couple of days, and I need to at least stay loose for Steamboat on Saturday) -so I thought maybe it was time for another try.  I stopped a couple of blocks in to ask E if he liked it, and I got this silly grin back from under the paci as if to say “this is GREAT!”  It’s a smooth ride, and I think he likes going fast.  I only went a little ways, as I didn’t want to press my luck and have a screaming, squirming toddler on my hands miles from home, but I think it’s safe to call it a success!  I just need to get a bigger sun shade, and I think it will be a winner for everyone!

Finally here!

After a little planning and poking, my blog is finally born!

If you stop by my About page you’ll see why I’m here – I’m looking forward to sharing my food and activity journey!


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