Do You Love Your Body?

I don’t know about you, but for me that really cuts to the quick of things.  Yes, I like my body, but there are parts I long to change… and it’s probably not the same parts as what someone else would say.  Take, for example, my ‘baby belly.’  I affectionately dubbed it my mommy muffin before I knew what a muffin top was.  (Doh!)  I wouldn’t wish away my mommy tummy for the world, I am proud to have borne such a healthy, wonderful son.  On the other hand, my mommy tummy came with some mommy hips.  How I long to run off those mommy hips… they’re not too bad.  I don’t hate them.  But it’s hard for me to love them.

I just learned that today is National Love Your Body Day.  Body image is influenced by so many things, and the media is a powerful machine.  I love this Dove Evolution video that’s been out for some time – if we all had hours in makeup, and hours in hair, and hours of Photoshop, we’d all be ad queens!  But we’re not, and my mommy hips are going to take more than Photoshop to work out. ;)  It’s positively refreshing to see some honesty trickling into the media.

Speaking of honesty… there are some bloggers taking a crazy leap that I admire them for.  As best as I can tell, it started with Mish on her blog.  These ladies are taking pictures of themselves and writing wonderful affirmations on them.  I found out through Roni, who has been my inspiration for maybe a year and a half, now.   Her honesty and authenticity was just what I needed to help my on my own weight loss journey.  I’m still not quite where I want to be – with my body-love or my weight loss journey –  but her post from today is a bit… (dare I say it?) ballsy in a most wonderful way.  Kudos, ladies!